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We manufacture and apply Venetian, Concrete-look and Microcement plaster into artistic surfaces specific to your building and brand image. 

Concrete-look Coarse Grey

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We are working hard to bring you a full line of products soon. Once our tinting system and color range is fully developed and the US border opens our Microcement, Intonachino, Venetian Plaster, Stucco Finish, and Lime Wash will all be available. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FOR INFO, AS WE CAN PROVIDE MANY OF THESE PRODUCTS AS CUSTOM ORDERS

Artisan Plaster

Canadian made Venetian, Concrete-look and microcement plasters made with local ingredients. 

VP Satin Marmorino

Our VP Satin Marmorino plaster is developed with the latest in admixture technologies all blended with high quality microfiltered lime, marble powder and graded marble grains. This plaster comes in a white base that can be tinted. 

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Intonachino Plaster

This plaster is made with select silica sands, micro-filtered lime and marble powders. It comes in smooth and coarse grades, and is made with all Vancouver sourced raw materials. 

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Our Microcement is durable and has a PSI rating of 5200. This product creates dramatic mottling or subtle color changes, and can be applied smooth or with texture. recommended for floors, walls, showers and for stamp and boardform patterns. This product can create high builds when mixed more stiff on walls. 

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