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Stain Shield Penetrating Sealer Specific for Darker Venetian Plasters

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Water-based penetrating sealer developed to both mechanically and chemically bond to a wide variety of mineral substrates including, but not limited to concrete, stucco, pavers, natural stone, clay tile (Saltillo tile), and brick. While achieving a natural appearance, Stain Shield is effective for applications where oil, stain, and water repellency is desired to reduce undesired discoloration, cracking, freeze / thaw damage, chemical degradation, biological growth, efflorescence and dirt pickup.

This Sealer works best with all of our Venetian Plaster Lime based and Concrete look White series when tinted to darker shades. The concentrated pigments react with most of the penetrating sealers on the market and create a white haze in places that can damage and lighten the appearance of your plaster. This is the one product in the western market that does not discolor or react with concentrated pigments and produces a beautiful finish every time. 


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