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Single Coat Extreme Wear Tri-Component Oil Polyurethane

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Smith’s Hi-Wear 90S is a satin finish, Aliphatic, 3 component clear or 4 component pigmented chemical resistant urethane for use in high traffic environments needing a chemical and abrasion resistant UV Stable satin finish topcoat for interiors and exteriors. Applied in one coat over our microcement on interior surfaces, including showers and countertops, this product provides unparalleled strength and stain resistance. Both chemicals, paint stripper and foods such as mustard, ketchup and red wines all tested excellent with this sealer. For exteriors it is recommended to apply two layers of smith poly seal prior to application of the High wear 90s, resulting in a thicker more durable finish. This product is naturally slip resistant due to the addition of aluminum oxide that provides extreme durability and a slight sandpaper texture to your walls or floor. This product cannot accept other coats without being aggressively abraded and is recommended as a single coat application.

SDS Component A

SDS Component B

SDS Component C

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