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Two Component Water Based Extra Strength Polyurethane

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This is a water based polyurethane, that is 50% solids, and is mixed in a ratio of 1-2, rather than 1-4 for most Microcement sealers. These sealers that have only one quarter of component B do not produce a surface nearly as durable as this commercially rated polyurethane with higher solids content and 50% more component B to mix with the system. This produces a topcoat that is hard, durable and highly protective. 

Developed for interior or exterior wear surfaces in residential and commercial installations to protect against long-term chalking in high U.V. exposure environments and for greater film thickness capabilities, better gloss retention, better chemical and stain resistance versus traditional 2-Component water-based Polyurethanes.

This sealer achieves a mild wet look to boost color and depths of colors, and produces a hard film finish with great UV stability, abrasion resistances, stain resistance, adhesion, gloss retention, and is extremely easy to clean with a low odor formula. 

  • High Gloss / Satin Sheen
  • Good Pot-life - 2 hour Pot-life at 75F/50% Humidity
  • U.V. Stable
  • Superior performance
  • Enhances Color
  • Non-blushing
  • Resistant to hot tire pickup
  • Interior and Exterior application, including shower stalls
  • Low VOC's 

SDS Part A Gloss

SDS Part B Gloss

SDS Part A Low Sheen

SDS Part B Low Sheen

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