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Pumice Pozzolan

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Pumice Pozzolan can be added to our VP series, lime wash or Intonachino series to produce an AFL, or artificial hydraulic lime. This is how the ancient Roman cement was developed prior to Portland cement, and produces a very durable hydraulic lime with cementitious qualities superior in most cases to cement. The Pumice will react with the calcium hydroxide in the hydrated lime and produce chemical bonds that far exceed the strength of our plasters prior to adding the pumice. The plaster will thicken and have more body after the addition of the pozzolan. These products can be mixed and used up to a month prior to installation. 

This addition is highly recommended for all exteriors, wet areas or areas of high abuse.  You can add 10% by weight of our pumice pozzolan into any of our VP series, lime wash and Intonachino series that are wet mixed or dry mixed prior to application. Color variances may occur due to this addition and should be tested against our color chart with samples prior to install. 

NOTE: For wet mixed buckets only add 70% of pozzolan provided to account for the water content in mixed plaster. A 20kg of wet plaster will only require 1.4 kg of pozzolan, compared to 2 kg for 20 kg of dry plaster.