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Decorative Venetian Plaster Lime Wash Primer

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This Decorative Venetian Plaster primer is specifically designed to be absorbent and acts as a primer and permanent binder in one. This product contains special polymers that ensure your plaster is as safely bonded to your walls, ceilings and doors as is possible. This primer will help your lime wash to absorb into the wall and become one with the primer, rather than sitting on the surface of an acrylic or PVA primer and not bonding properly. There is a high level of a special marble powder that allows an easy rolling and matte surface to work on. Lime wash primer is a low odor, zero VOC copolymer based primer specifically designed as a preliminary binder coat specifically for lime wash on interior surfaces.  It can be applied on new drywall, water based paint, cement, wood and more. For walls and ceilings only on exterior and interior applications. Not suitable for waterproofing or stain-blocking. 

You can order any of our tints to color this primer for darker colors. It is suggested to tint the primer only 50% as dark as the lime wash so you can easily see your progress on the first coat and ensure even coverage. 

This primer can be thinned with extra water and remixed prior to use.


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