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White 43-44, Microcement 21-22

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Titanium Dioxide is a white, opaque and naturally- occurring mineral. It is then chemically processed to remove impurities It is odorless and absorbent.

Titanium dioxide may be added to products  to obtain a better coverage and hide the surfaces’ imperfections (drywall joints, patch work, etc). Its excellent coverage properties creates an opaqueness to better cover the base surface. It is recommended to add on average 5%, up to a maximum of 10% (about 100ml per Liter).

Titanium Dioxide is also used to create the color WHITE.

Please choose the colors you desire from the color chart, and then select the size of the dry or wet mix plaster you have ordered and amounts of each color you require. The pigments will ship with your order and will be labelled for convenience. If you purchased one of our products that can be mixed and tinted prior to shipping the tint will already be mixed into your plaster upon arrival. 

Example: You ordered two 5 Kg dry Concrete look and 1 20 kg Marmorino wet mixed and you want color 4 on the color chart. You go to black in the tints section, select 5 kg, and black 4 (two amounts of this) and then 20 kg and select color 4 and add that to the cart.